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About Us

Our Mission

Fresh NGO is a non profit organisation that aims to clean up South Africa's rivers, dams and water ways.

Our Values

We have a strong love for nature and seek to coexist with and nurture our enviroment for the good of all

Our Solution

Our all round solution is to raise funds to fix all problems and educate communities to prevent future pollution
At Fresh our mission is to clean South Africa's rivers

Fresh, or the Fountain River Environmental Sanctuary Hennops is a non-profit organization with two major mandates:

To Clean up pollution in the Hennops River by :

  • Providing management and financial aid to Sanitation plants on the route of the River
  • Providing security at dumping sites at the various sources of the river, and areas along the route
  • Creating sustainable wetlands for continued, natural water purification
  • Rehabilitating flora and fauna and reintroducing a balanced and natural ecosystem to the river

And also to maintain the ecosystem in the Hennops River by :

  • Continuing to maintain security on the banks of the river
  • Tracking and documenting the progress of the natural ecosystem
  • Developing strategies that can be duplicated in similarly polluted rivers across Southern Africa


The Hennops River runs from the Kempton Park area in Johannesburg, flowing in a northerly direction. Through Tembisa, past Olifanstfontain, and through central Centurion. The river winds through the Hennops River valley, and the Schurverberg foothills and finally joins with the Crocodile River in the Limpopo Province, on the right bank. 

The Hennops is one of the most polluted rivers in the Province of Gauteng. Recent tests of the water at various points have revealed that it has become inhabitable for most of the indigenous fauna and flora that used to flourish in its waters, and on its banks.    

FRESH is taking a problem-solving approach to the pollution in the river by looking at some of the main contributors of this pollution. We have identified that although much of the pollution is coming from urban, and rural towns and informal settlements, there are also large sanitation plants long the river, in desperate need of maintenance, and un-checked corporate polluters that are contributing. 


The river serves as an important part of one of the Hartbeespoort Dam tributaries, with much of the Hennops River valley forming a part of the protected Magalies Biosphere. Through donations, government funding, and corporate assistance, we believe that it is possible to restore the river to its former glory, and maintain its beauty. FRESH welcomes donations of time, money and resources. 

Pollution in Hennops River

How Can You Help Fresh

Help Fresh to clean up South Africa's rivers by making a donation

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